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An established Tai Chi community providing training for body and mind

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Master Ding Academy

Traditional Tai Chi Chuan


The main focuses of study in Tai Chi are its Chi Kung, its Forms and its Pushing Hands practice. Each aspect of Tai Chi is for understanding, harnessing and cultivating your internal energy.

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  • Chi Kung
    Chi Kung practice focuses on creating stillness and relaxation in the mind and body whilst creating the correct joint alignments to sink energy unimpeded to your Tan Tien (centre)
  • The Forms
    The Forms teach you how to keep your flows of internal energy at all times, during all sorts of practical movement.
  • Push Hands
    Push hands practice is paired work which looks at developing your strength and senstivity of using internal energy concepts
  • About Us

Master John Ding founded the Master Ding Academy to preserve and promote the traditional, holistic approach of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan training. He reached a high level in external martial arts, before repeating that success in learning the internal art of Tai Chi and becoming internationally recognised as one of the top Yang style Tai Chi Chuan teachers.

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  • What Do We Do?

In our classes adults of all ages and from all walks of life build health, power and understanding of internal energy through experiential study of Tai Chi's concepts and principles. We look at all aspects of the art, so depending on your inclination you could study it primarily as a health art, a spiritual aid or use it to become a highly skilled traditional martial artist.

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We often run specialist classes and workshops

Our workshops and classes are open to students of all skills and abilities, have a look at our calender to see our next events

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Deeper Being host many of our events

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